College grad with the entrepreneurial appetite for real estate…


My name is Kevin Pribramsky, I am a senior at the University of Miami pursuing a double major in Real Estate and Legal Studies as well as a minor in Accounting.


I was born in Chicago, IL but moved to Key West, FL when I was 10. Growing up in the Florida Keys is just about as crazy as it sounds. It’s very tropical and laid back but unknown to me then was how much it would impact my success today. I was a multi varsity letter athlete in high school, class president, holding two jobs, volunteering in my community, running my own internet business and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. This work ethic carried over into college. I attended the University of Miami and quickly got involved by joining the UM Golf Club as their treasurer my freshman year and by taking a job in the Security Department. By my sophomore year I was president of the UM Golf Club, offered a supervisor position in the security department which I turned down to become a Resident Assistant. I continued with the RA position into junior year but decided to leave to focus on my career senior year. I currently have two internships one with a Broker at Metro1 Commercial and the other working with my father at his accounting firm, Pribramsky & Company, CPA’s.


I am the second oldest of six children. My family is very important to me; my parents are my idols. They have raised me to be honest, to work hard, and never give up.