Get My Real Estate License

I intend to get my Real Estate License in May 2014. I think this is very important if I want to get into Real Estate. By being a Real Estate Agent, I will be hands on in the markets I wish to invest and develop in. This will also give me great experience working with people and seeing firsthand what they want and the trends in an area.

Open My Own Real Estate Company

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I am a dreamer and a big one at that. Ever since I can remember, I loved real estate and the idea of being able to create or transform something. I remember the game Sims, I would play it for hours building amazing houses and communities, doing everything to make them perfect. I want to open my own Real Estate Company so I can start making my big dream a reality. Initially I would like to invest in real estate, manage properties that would lead into flipping houses and ultimately developing.

Earn a MBA, JD, or JD/MBA

I am a big believer in continuing education. However, I personally see more value getting a degree after I have worked for a few years, this way I can really start to understand what I will need to make my dreams a reality. Plus the work experience can only add to the education.

Develop My First Property

Opening my own company is the first step to my ultimate goal of developing my first property. I am constantly thinking of projects and seeing all of these opportunities in my head. You can see looking through my Residential and Commercial Projects how much I enjoy finding a site and seeing what I can do with it.