Real Estate


Ever since I can remember I loved two things. Real Estate and cars. When I was little if I wasn't drawing my dream car, I was designing the perfect house. Even to this day I still love taking out a piece of paper and drawing up my ideal home or finding a property and planning what I would do with it.


My passion finally started becoming a reality in college. I’ve always dreamed of being a developer and flipping houses. I have a thirst for knowledge, when it comes to Real Estate, there is never enough to learn. I started my degree in Accounting which is a solid foundation for any business. Luckily I loved Cost and Tax accounting, which is very important in Real Estate. I took a class in Business Law and found the class very interesting. That interest in Business Law translated into a second major with a focus on real estate and corporate law. Lastly I focused on the heart of real estate: finance.


I hope to make my dreams a reality and in the meantime enjoy the process of doing something I love every day!



Golf has always been a huge passion of mine. Ever since I was little it was a way for my father and me to connect and get closer, especially in High School, when I left my starting varsity position on the football team to try out and ultimately join the varsity golf team. This passion carried over into college. I joined the University of Miami Golf Club as their Treasurer my freshman year and have been the President ever since.


I love the mental challenge of golf. It is a constant game of calculations and mental control. You are always trying to calculate the correct distance, shot type, club, what shot gives you the highest success rate. Should I flop it onto the green or bump and run it? And when you hit a bad shot do you have the control not only to not get angry and but regroup, figure out what you did wrong and hit it better the next time. I think it applies to life. There are so many options and choices to make every day, to try to pick the best path, but sometimes it just doesn't work out and instead of getting upset and giving up I regroup, figure out what I can do better and try again.



If I’m not talking about my family, real estate, or golf it’s probably cars. I love everything about cars. Their speed, designs, craftsmanship, all the technology that goes into them, the rush they give you when you slam the pedal to the floor or sense of joy you feel cruising with your windows down, no destination in mind, just enjoying the beautiful South Florida weather.


I am constantly researching and staying up to date on the newest models and changes. Every year I go through my dream list of cars and update them. It serves not only as a fun exercise to get my mind off of school and other things, but a chance to set goals and give myself something to shoot for. I am a big fan of trucks and luxury sedans. Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s are cool but I would take a Ford F350, Rolls Royce Phantom, or S-Class over one of those any day!

Community Outreach


Giving back to your community is important. In high school, my father served on the Monroe County School Board, which really opened my eyes to what a difference one person can make in their community. I helped him with his campaign and was fortunate enough to be very hands on during his term. I became the President of my class which allowed me to work closely with the school board on issues in our school. I was also very fortunate to be in positions to work with the leaders of a lot of great organizations in Key West to fundraise for great causes including Aids Help, Take Stock in Children, Boys and Girls Club, the American Legion, Association of Realtors, Key West Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce.


This commitment did not end when I went to college. I am a big family guy so any organization that helps children and families has always stood out to me. Some organizations I have worked with are: Miami Children's Hospital, Big Brother's Big Sister's, Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, and the Make a Wish Foundation


Photo is of a tournament we put on through a club I am treasurer and co-founder of, The Cornhole Club at UM, to help raise money.